Hello everyone and thanks for visiting. My name is Tim. I focus my one man technology consulting shop on anyone who has a technical need that I could assist with. Many of my small business customers just can’t afford a robust internal I.T. staff, so they hire me for projects and deployments that they just don’t have time to focus on or simply need additional support or advice.

I’ve always called myself a Jack-of-All-Trades because in my career I have tinkered with such diverse technology. My main focus through my education and career though has been networking and communications. When I graduated High School I went to business school for computers and networking. From there I got my B.S. in Comp. Sci with a concentration in networking and then my M.S. in networking and management.

As far as what I do: I’m proficient with Cisco technologies as well as other popular networking hardware such as HP, Checkpoint, Sonicwall and Fortinet. I’m also a lifelong Windows fan and guru. I’ve used every version of Windows since it’s creation (yes, even Millennium and Vista, unfortunately). The fact is I’ve been around computers, and technology in general, most of my life. I started at about the age of eight and I’ve never stopped.

Please take the time to browse my site, read my blog entries and find quick ways to contact me for questions, comments or advice.

Thanks again for visiting.